2017 Board of Directors
(July 2017 to June 2018)

The ECCAC is governed by an all volunteer Board of Directors.

Each bring a unique perspective and expertise to the organization. From bankers to business owners to foster parents, the board tries to maintain a diverse membership to guide the centers. Directors can serve  up to two 3 year terms, so openings do become available. If you are interested in applying to be on the Board, contact Julie@eccac.org for an application.


The following individuals were instrumental in making our centers a reality.

Ann Wallace
Pat Franklin
Frank Flautt
Claudia Finn
Sharilyn Darnell
Cathy Cheung
Zeke Bratkowski
Christine Stalnaker
Gary Witkos
John Tashik
Lynn Keefe
Randy Wise
Karen Henderson
Allen McGinnis
Tacia Waldrop
Dick Schoditsch
Christina Ruckel
Brenda Seffens
Kelly Burke
Kris Cash
Gary Roberts
Carol Jolley
John Blackmon
Sandy Sims
Shirley Simpson