Walton County Expansion Needs

As we expand our services in Walton County we're going to need the community to help furnish the new facility.  Our temporary space is located at 256 Hwy 90 about one block up from JB's Buffet.  Currently, we are seeking the following items for our tempory facility which we plan on moving into by October 2011:
2 shelving units (4 shelves per unit, one unit per playroom)
2 large shelving units for offices
lamps for playrooms, desks and lobby
1 computer with screen/printer
telephones (3 extension capabilities)
4 chairs for clients to sit in while in therapists offices
sound machine (white noise)
heavy insulation for new walls for noise control
flat screen television for lobby area
blinds on windows
lobby furniture(small couch, 2 chairs, side table)
artwork/wall decor
receptionist table/desk
receptionist chair
toy baskets for lobby
play therapy sand trays, storage for sand trays and therapy-grade sand
kids table and chairs (received-- thank you!)
small refridgerator
toaster oven (for baking cookies)
signs to identify our building
wall paint