1) What is the “Leave Your Print” program?

The “Leave Your Print” program is an honorary society within Emerald Coast Children’s Advocacy Center (ECCAC) which sustains ECCAC’s core mission by gifts through wills, trusts, insurance and lifetime donations. 

2) Why should I select Emerald Coast Children’s Advocacy Center as the beneficiary of my legacy gift?

ECCAC is a qualified 501(c)3 charity that administers your gift to prevent child abuse and neglect, protect children, and restore the lives and futures of impacted children. The Niceville Center in Okaloosa County and the Pierce Family Center in Walton County work with agency partners (law enforcement, prosecutors, medical staff, advocates, therapists)  to wrap services around the child victim, while  holding offenders accountable. Services are provided at no cost by organization.   In addition, the ECCAC  is a community leader in child abuse prevention, striving to empower children to protect themselves in a world where adults can no longer.   The ECCAC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color national origin, sex, age or disability.  

3) Are there tax benefits to making a legacy gift to the ECCAC “Leave Your Print” program?

Yes, there may be income tax benefits, estate tax benefits or both depending on how you fund your pledge to the ECCAC “Leave Your Print” program. Please reference the workbook for more details.

4)  Can I control how my legacy gift is used by ECCAC?

Yes, the following options are available to restrict the use of your legacy gift.

a) Unrestricted (can be used by ECCAC for its general charitable purposes).

b) Semi-restricted (can be used by ECCAC only for the restricted purposes as instructed by your legacy bequest).

c) Full Endowment (only the earnings on your legacy gift can be used by ECCAC for its general charitable purposes).

5) Who controls fund expenditures?

The ECCAC Board of Directors, Finance Committee.

6) Will I be recognized by ECCAC for making a legacy gift?

Yes, as a member of the “Leave Your Print” program (i) your name will be recognized on the ECCAC “Leave Your Print” program plaque prominently displayed in the ECCAC office’s wall of honor; (ii) you will receive recognition as a “Leave Your Print” program member on the ECCAC website; (iii) you will receive recognition as a ECCAC “Leave Your Print” program member at ECCAC gala  and (iv) you will receive a ECCAC  “Leave Your Print” program lapel pin.

7) Any tangible property may be donated as a legacy gift.

8) What happens to my legacy gift if ECCAC dissolves?

Should ECCAC dissolve, it’s successor charity would assume stewardship of any remaining “Leave Your Print” program funds. Your legacy gift can also specify a successor charitable beneficiary should ECCAC no longer exist.