Partners agencies

The ECCAC was built on the idea that instead of abused and neglected children having to go from place to place to receive help and tell their story over and over again, they could come to one child friendly location, tell it one time and receive all the help they needed to overcome the trauma and begin to heal. This would not be possible without the coordination and support from the following organizations. Each either have an office in the ECCAC centers, or work out of there when necessary. This allows children and their families/caregivers to come to one location for the entire investigation and healing process.

Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF)

The state agency responsible for the initial investigation of reports of child sexual and physical abuse and neglect.

Child Protection Team (CPT)

CPT staff is specially trained to conduct forensic interviews, medical evaluations and to give expert court testimony.

State Attorney's Office (SAO)

Assistant State Attorneys assigned to prosecute all child neglect, physical and sexual abuse cases in Okaloosa and Walton Counties.

Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Officers with special training lead the criminal investigation of child abuse cases.