Our Staff

The ECCAC is only able to serve the kids in our community thanks to an amazing staff. 

Julie Porterfield - Chief Executive Officer, 850-833-9237 x223

Jennifer Clark - Chief of Operations, x226

Dianne Lewellyn - Office Manager, x222

Chelsea Fox - Community Development Manager, x256

Danielle Jacka - Outreach Program Manager, x233

Jacqui Broadus - Clinical Supervisor, x249

Lorrie Allen - Licensed Mental Health Counselor, x247

Nancy Graham - Mental Health Advocate, x250

Kerri Flowler - Mental Health Advocate, x420

Samantha Collazo - Lead Mental Health Advocate, x231

Megan Abreu - Mental Health Therapist, x247

Shannon Garcia - Registered Clinical Social Work Intern, x418

Angie Harder - Client Care Manager, x253

Rosa Fleming - Office Manager, x419

Need to contact us?

email us at info@eccac.org

Recently one of our center's Mental Health Therapists passed along a story to our staff that really exemplifies why we do what we do, and just how much support from the community means to the ECCAC staff and our mission....

"I had a young man graduate today from therapy. His peer perpetrator will not be prosecuted, but this young man worked his treatment, learned how brave he really is, and was able to say, 'It was not my fault. I don't have to be embarrassed for something a *bad guy* did. It's his fault. I'm brave and I'm loved.'"

Our therapist also noted that the young man had amazing family who helped facilitate his speedy treatment. It is stories like these that keep us fighting for our children. Without community support, moments like this would not be possible. So THANK YOU for you continued support and we look forward to meeting you at one of our next events.