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Introducing Elsa…Therapy Dog at ECCAC

Niceville, FL (July 15, 2018)…Meet Elsa, a trained Great Pyrenees therapy dog and her owner/handler, Dan Holmes. Elsa helps make the day a little better and brighter for child victims receiving services at the Emerald Coast Children’s Advocacy Center (ECCAC) in Niceville.

Dan got Elsa at Alaqua Animal Refuge. He then went through six weeks of beginner obedience training, six weeks of intermediate obedience training and three weeks of training to enable an AKC Canine Good Citizen certification for Elsa. 

In the last fifteen months, Elsa and Dan have made 130 therapy dog visits, including one court appearance last December to help an ECCAC child victim deal with the stress of a court appearance. Basically, for four days of every week, Dan and Elsa volunteer by going to the Niceville ECCAC; remedial classes at Freeport Elementary where a child reads to Elsa; The Manor at Blue Water Bay; a visit to the Destin/FWB Airport to greet passengers; and they have just started going to the Rehabilitation Institute of Northwest Florida. Indeed, they keep one busy schedule spreading happiness and help to many.

Dan Holmes and his Great Pyrenees, Elsa.

Dan Holmes and his Great Pyrenees, Elsa.